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You know it is important for patients to feel at ease.  You pride yourself on your bedside manner, ensuring you are approachable and empathetic. Make sure your office, waiting rooms and patient rooms also reflect your commitment  to their care.



“Staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state,” Richard Shuster, PsyD; with that in mind, it’s no surprise that ocean photographs and beaches are so popular in clinics.



“People feel more comfortable in an environment where there’s a sense of life,” said Scott Mooney, Ph.D.,  “People feel grounded by nature and plants. Signs of life are helpful to someone’s recovery. It can help their immune system.



It was found that the elements in a room where patients recover makes a significant difference on their level of stress. Rooms where patients had an increased control, positive distraction and access to social support decreased their level of stress.

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